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Leadership Notes

The Value Of A Growth Mindset, And How To Develop One

Dr. Carol S. Dweck, pioneer in the study of fixed versus growth mindsets, demonstrated that in predicting success, it doesn’t matter whether someone is gifted or not. What matters is a person’s belief that they can succeed and prevail. The person who doesn’t succeed is often blocked by a fixed mindset — that is, a

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The Purpose of Having Purpose

What, exactly, is a purpose statement? It’s something that articulates a company’s reason for being, beyond making products or services. The Kellogg Company, for example, describes its purpose as “Nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive.” Disney’s purpose is “To create happiness for others.” Google says it exists to “Organize the world’s information and

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The power of CEO peer advisory groups in a pandemic

As the world’s largest CEO coaching and peer advisory organization for small and midsize business leaders, Vistage helps more than 23,000 CEOs, business owners and key executives worldwide reach new levels of success. Vistage CEO Sam Reese is inspired by the way Vistage members have navigated one of the biggest challenges of their careers: a

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How to Be a Principled and Purposeful CEO

CEOs are our most trusted leaders. They must lead on political, social and health concerns while still delivering profit We started 2021 with optimism fueled by leaving a year of unprecedented events behind us–a global pandemic, strains on mental health, high unemployment, a contested U.S. presidential election, and racial injustice igniting global protests. Then the

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9 Powerful Questions to Ask CEOs

Asking a tough question can be tough. What makes executive leaders? Insightful questions reach the core of a CEO’s values, discover their blind spots, and design strategies to transcend personal and business challenges. These questions as the beginning of a CEO’s journey toward stronger decision-making and more effective leadership development. 1. “Are you running your

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What to spend on marketing in 2021: A story of a digital revolution

As we turn the page on a year we would all like to forget, we look forward to more productive days ahead. In our annual evaluation of marketing trends, we turn to the bellwether of marketing spending —the CMO Study (COVID Special Edition), published by Duke University, The American Marketing Association and Deloitte. This year,

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7 ways a CEO can develop as a leader

For many CEOs, leadership development is an ongoing challenge, and not just because they’re short on time. The problem comes from having too many options for leadership development, and too few ways to measure the ROI of those methods. How does a leader know whether it’s worth it to take that training program, watch that

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Vistage CEOs on 6 hard business lessons learned in 2020

CEOs who led their companies through 2020 will look back on this time and remember their toughest moments in leadership. Businesses faced a variety of challenges — disrupted supply chains, closed sites, full remote workforces, and new online methods of communication and collaboration. The pandemic punctuated key business lessons that became even more apparent amid

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7 Vistage business and leadership blogs for 2020

2020 refined disruption. From the economic optimism of January, to the bottom of the COVID lockdown and all the way through to the hope of a better, healthier 2021, CEOs were challenged in ways they could not have anticipated. The Vistage Research Center was a prime source for trusted insight and information for CEOs of

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Empower your inner leadership

(DOWNLOAD) Winners’ wisdom: A journey through the 7 laws of leadership

Vistage members know no limits. Amid a mountain of challenges, they have the drive to attempt the seemingly impossible. To work harder than ever before. To lead in unprecedented times. And to do it all again tomorrow. The Vistage Member Excellence Awards honor the achievement of 100+ trailblazing members each year. Nominated by Vistage peers

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