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Dato' George Lim

Group Director Vistage Programs (Vistage Sabah)

DATO’ GEORGE LIM SU CHUNG had more than 28 years’ experience in the audit practice with extensive experience in business consultancy services and tax works. He qualified as Chartered Accountants from Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand in 1994 and Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) in 1997. He obtained licenses as Approved Auditors and Tax Agent. In 2013/2016, Dato’ George completed MBA degree at Hult International Business School (US) ranked world top 50 business school. 

Dato’ George is the founder and CEO of G&A GROUP since 1999 with 100 workforces across Malaysia. Dato’ George believes that business cannot be prosper in communities that failed. Hence, he has been actively servicing local communities through Rotary Club International for 15 years and Chartered a new Mandarin club in 2015. 

Dato’ George elected as Malaysia National Vice Chairman and Sabah State Chairman of Malaysia Entrepreneurs Development Association (PUMM) in 2018/2019, a unique community platform to educate and provide networking for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

Dato’ George is a regular speaker on “Cloud Technology”. Technology enable small businesses to do businesses across multiple countries, Uber globalise taxi, Alibaba gobalise retail. As a result of today’s connected world, how would your business adapt and capitalize on the global digital economy.

Dato’ George has the right to offer all Vistage programs from Vistage Malaysia in the state of Sabah. He has also undergone Vistage Chair Accreditation to be a chair in 2018 and early 2019.

Richard Wong

Group Director Vistage Programs (Vistage Malaysia)

Mr. Richard Wong left Nylex (Malaysia) Berhad, part of the London based worldwide BTR group at the end of June 1994 as Managing Director/Group Chief Executive after 18 years with the Group to start the CEO development and education service. He founded Vistage Malaysia (formerly known as TEC Asia Centre) which has license to the internationally known Vistage process that helps CEOs proactively manage change and stay ahead of the competition through sharing ideas, expertise and personal experience with other successful CEOs. 

He was the Deputy Chairman of the Nylex Board and Chairman of Audit Committee from 1994-1999. He also served as a member of the National Export Council under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry for several years. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council from 2000-2002. In November 2006, he was appointed by the Minister of International Trade and Industries to the country’s first National Branding Task Force to assist in the country’s branding initiatives. 

Richard is the Senior Independent Non-Executive Director of Sunway Berhad and also Scientax Berhad. In addition, he is an Independent Non-Executive Director of Khind Holdings Berhad.

Besides being a Vistage accredited Master Chair/CEO Coach, he mentors three Vistage Groups. In early 2018, he won the ‘DON COPE Memorial Chair’ Award 2017 (the best award a Chair can ever be awarded from over 1000 Chairs globally) for selfless service to Vistage members and the community and is honored on the Vistage ‘Hall if Fame’. His hobbies are reading, music, hiking and jogging. He left his Vistage CEO members to hike successfully to the Everest Base Camp in April 2018.

Chew Sin Vui

Chew currently is working as a financial planner in a freelance model for 10 years. He is meeting hundreds of small and medium-size entrepreneurs and businessmen since the beginning of his career in which some of them has become his clients. He has not only to serve his financial products, but he has also observed that many of his clients faced common pain points or issues while they are running their business regardless of their industry in which they are in. 

Such as lacking leadership skill, cash flow out of control, lack of company financial plans, company losses directions etc. As such, these groups of people have no proper channel to ask for help to correct their issues and pitfall. Chew finally found Vistage way of problem-solving and opportunities exploration process may help these groups of people and he joined Vistage as Vistage.

He started out his own entrepreneurial business which specializes in iron-steel sheet fabrication factory in a small town after undergraduate school back in the ’90s. He expanded the business by transforming manual operation of the factory to semi automation. After 7 years he sold his company and venture into construction business as a civil and structures contractor. Splitting of the partnership after 5 years of his construction company, he worked as a sole proprietor contractor eventually. Yet another 4 years he was hired by one of the largest bio-diesel plant multinational company to be one of the top management. The challenges and issues that MNC encounter was exceptionally tough. Having been going through fund-raising, bio-diesel plant constructing, procuring raw materials and final process the raw product to finished bio-diesel, market the products around the world, a tough lesson learned.

Apart from his work, he serves entrepreneurial NGO for several years in which it is aligned with his common clients. The purpose of the NGO is to promote entrepreneurship and provide a platform for entrepreneurs or business owners to learn business knowledge, sharing marketing information, and grow their business. Chew holds an undergraduate degree from Concordia University and an MBA degree from Strathclyde University. His passion and close relationship with many local SME and business owners make him a trust-able financial person in that area and now he wishes to help these people grow and be successful in their business.

Edwin Chung

After passing the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants in 1992, Edwin was admitted as Chartered Accountant in Malaysian Institute of Accountants in 1994. Edwin worked in a few audit firms for four years, which include Ernst & Young.

Subsequently, he worked with a Malaysian public-listed company for five years as an Accountant. From there, he was posted to Shanghai to work under its Shanghai subsidiary for one year overseeing its Finance Department and designing the systems for Fast Food and Water Park ticketing sales. 

After returning to Malaysia, Edwin joined another public-listed construction company for 21 years, in which the company had investments and projects in Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. Before leaving the company, Edwin held the position as Senior General Manager overseeing the company’s various departments which includes Business Development, Legal and Litigation, Finance, Purchasing, HR, Administration, Maintenance, IT, etc. 

Edwin’s expertise includes budgeting and cash flow control, internal control system, closing joint venture deals between landowner and developer, joint venture deals between Main Contractor and sub-contractors, Construction contract financing, management training and cost control.

Tan Chai Kwong

Mr. Tan has been engaged in motivational work for more than 20 years through public speaking, leadership training, team building and mentoring, helping individuals and groups to pursue growth and success to benefit others and society. 

I love my work because helping people be successful and fulfilled is deeply meaningful to him. In recent years, he has been actively coaching and helping people create meaningful change in their lives. With much courage and energy, they continue to pursue their desire to live the life of their dreams. It is exciting and rewarding to see them loving life, reaching their outstanding goals and realizing their dreams. 

Starting 2020, he is expanding his focus to helping Malaysian small medium-sized entrepreneurs to improve their business structures, broaden their horizons and enlarge their corporate territory through sound, effective, efficient and people centered strategy and practices.


Vincent Chew

Mr. Vincent Chew is the Co-Founder and CEO of Eduvo Group of Companies – Eduvo Sdn Bhd (a Business & IT TVET Academy and Professional Holistic Human Capital Development Firm), Impact Coach (an Entrepreneurship & Business Coaching Licensing System) and Shopplus Academy Sdn Bhd (a Digital Business Transformation, Social Commerce & Life Advancement Academy). He is also the Co-Founder and Director of Shop Plus Sdn Bhd (a E-Commerce, M-Commerce & Digital Transformation Platform) and SP Digital Plus (a Digital Transformation & Social Media Marketing Consulting Firm). 

He is a visionary, strategist and a business builder that has a special TALENT in envisioning the Peak Results of an Individual, a Business, a Project, or a Solution and possesses an uncanny capability to enhancing processes & breakthrough habits towards achieving PEAK Transformations for Individuals, Businesses and Organizations. He helps turn ordinary people to worthy human capital & helps transform good companies to great organizations. 

His expertise/key interests focus around these themes: 

• Talent/Potential Development via Personality & Purpose Discovery (ability to identify people’s character and behavior, identify their blind spots & optimize their performance based on their strengths) 

• Uncluttering Cluttered Thoughts (ability to re-organize an individual’s confused and cluttered thoughts, bringing them to new perspective, realization, clarity and new improved “mind picture”) 

• Strategic Business Planning (ability to visualize the “bigger picture” and create clarity to directions moving forward) 

• Business Process Systemization (ability to identify gaps in systems and work flows, create connections to these gaps and work on practical systemization) 

• Entrepreneurship & Business Growth Strategies & Tactics (ability to design an entrepreneur’s or business’s directions and apply suitable growth strategies & tactics) 

He also has experience in lecturing and tutoring in the subject of entrepreneurship at TAR University College. He loves empowering the young and future leaders of tomorrow, the Gen Y, and is currently the Business Advisor for Enactus (previously known as SIFE) TAR University College. 

He is also a guest lecturer at HELP University on coaching related topics for their Masters and Degree students as well as student entrepreneurial development. On top of that, he is the creator of the “Wheel series” – “The Wheels of Mastery – Life Mastery Wheel & Business Mastery Wheel”, “The RESULTS Wheel Coaching Model”, “The Wheel of Happinesse”, “The Wheel of Change”, The Wheel of Organizational Culture” & “The Wheel of Opportunities”, as well as The Game of Entrepreneurship roadmap & framework – all of which are specifically designed to help individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate leaders, executives & organizations to grow and progress continuously.

Jeff Cheah

Mr. Jeff Cheah understands the challenges of managing & leading a group of people towards meeting targets & goals. It’s all about sharing the vision, communicating roles and responsibilities, create a people-oriented workplace culture and coaching people. He believes that every Leader possesses skills, talent, ideas, faults and flaws. The Leader & Manager must have the courage & humility to unlearn & learn and seek to understand what makes people tick. Jeff Cheah has been training, coaching, and mentoring Leaders & Managers for the past 25 years to sharpen their leadership and communication skills. In his role as a Training Facilitator, he has lead groups of Managers towards practicing and implementing programs to develop their basic management skills which are essential to the success of Companies they managed. 

Professional Experience

As an Executive Coach, he has made Leaders aware that a shift or change in their behavior can result in positive business outcomes. He has also explored ideas and thoughts that Leaders can immediately put into action that can result in employees be more loyal and committed. He personally believes that every Leader needs a Coach and a Mentor to guide them thru the challenges. A leader with a will to learn and possess strong learning agility will be able to meet the challenges of managing in the 21st century.

Private advisory boards for CEOs, executives, and business owners

Jeff Cheah makes the most of his 35 years of Leadership, Management and Executive Coaching experience to help Leaders succeed. He started his career in NCR Corporation and IBM in Sales and Marketing positions and eventually started his own business in Software Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning & Financial/Treasury Solutions. Over the last 35 years, he has held various Senior Management positions including Sales Director, Senior Manager, General Manager, Director, Executive Director and Managing Director.

Jeff plays badminton twice a week and golf when he finds time. Jeff stays in Kuala Lumpur with his wife, Kuen & son, Royston whilst two of his children, Jasmine & Karisa are working overseas. He considers himself a work-in-progress and enjoys reading & spending time in bookshops. He is active member of the Lions Club and has served as Club President & District Chairperson for Leadership Development. As he found purpose and passion in Coaching, he committed time & serve as President (2018-2020) of International Coach Federation (ICF) Malaysia Chapter promoting coaching awareness and mentoring new Coaches.

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