(DOWNLOAD) Winners’ wisdom: A journey through the 7 laws of leadership

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Vistage members know no limits. Amid a mountain of challenges, they have the drive to attempt the seemingly impossible. To work harder than ever before. To lead in unprecedented times. And to do it all again tomorrow.

The Vistage Member Excellence Awards honor the achievement of 100+ trailblazing members each year. Nominated by Vistage peers and Chairs (executive coaches), award winners are small and midsize business leaders from around the globe who are steadfast in their leadership climb and their embodiment of Vistage values — with an impact that resonates from businesses, to Vistage peer groups, to communities and beyond.

In Winners’ wisdom: A journey through the 7 laws of leadership, you’re invited to access the insights of 2020’s award winners through a lens of proven CEO leadership tenets. Told in short vignettes with actionable takeaways, this interactive e-book shines a light on the hard-earned learnings of C-suite top performers. Gain proven tips, best practices and inspiration.

Sixty years of coaching 100,000+ CEOs and business owners has provided invaluable perspective on what it takes to be not only a top performer, but a leader who lifts others. Conquer the 7 laws and start planting flags on your highest aspirations in business and in life.

To access the remaining 5 leadership laws and more Vistage CEO member insights, access your free copy of “Winners’ wisdom” now.

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